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About OpenMix

OpenMix is a tool for sound collage and remix artists to catalogue their sounds and test their combinations, as well as share their work.

We're still in early alpha stages, but we're looking forward to expanding the tools we give our users, as well as expanding our storage space.

The big features we're looking to add are web-based tools to make live mixes, as well as "choreograph" sounds together based on time events.

In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy the structure we'll help give your sound libraries.


All copyrights are retained by their respective parties. OpenMix doesn't seek to breach any copyrights; rather, it aims to keep sounds vital by finding new and interesting uses for them. Use of sounds should be seen as an homage rather than a theft.

Modern sound collage artists mirror the information overload of modern times. Using the textures of existing sounds has a dual purpose: both because the sounds used work to create interesting combinations and overlays not seen in the original sound pieces, but most importantly because sounds call forth memories in a vivid way. By juxtaposing sounds artists can both recreate mental states and evoke new ones.

The use of sounds by remix artists is a tribute to the place the sound has had in our lives and the way the sound has become a part of our memories.

OpenMix makes no claim to any copyrights of the sounds on our website.

We hope that the creators of sounds understand that we don't intend to simply churn out another version of your work; rather, true sound artists weave together experiences out of old and new sounds.

For our part, we understand that sound creators are worried about their bottom line, and they don't want to see people simply "riding on their coattails". While we hope some allowance is made for new remix artists in the early stages of their development, we believe as much as copyright owners that something fundamentally new and different should be created out of existing sounds.

Perhaps most importantly, there is the fact that oftentimes sound creators aren't the driving force behind controlling how their sounds are used. In order to get the power of the music industry behind them and make a living from their sounds, artists often sign away control over how their music is used, even unwittingly. Thus control sometimes goes to those who aren't concerned at all with creativity, but getting the most money out of their copyright claims.